Conflict free, hand crafted untreated quality diamonds have been Premier Gem's essential manufacturing guidelines for 60 years. By sourcing diamonds in line with the Kimberlly Process, mandating that all rough diamonds are to be followed carefully from the moment it's mined to the moment it sits on the wheel. 


Scroll below to uncover a diamond's journey


Thousands of feet below the Earth's crust

Billions of years in the making


Rough crystals are formed from molten lava rock. As they emerge a cooling effect shapes the crystal's texture into it's unique form to become what we all know as a diamond. 

Maximizing Brilliance

Uncovering the magnificence of a diamond is finding the right shape that would yield its maximum brilliance. Through various technilogical advancements in the industry Premier Gem has been at the forefront of diamond innovation, allowing a pre-production phase to facilitate in examining all the possibilities of a diamond's pottential. With this process Premier Gem is able to deliver true marvels of beauty.


Crafting its Shape

An expert cutter begins to uncover a diamond's brilliance by hand crafting facets that allow the diamond's maximum brilliance to shine.


Shape Timeline





The Diamond is Graded

Once the diamond is polished an expert gemologist examines the diamond to obtain a certificate of authentication, describing all aspects of the diamond's characteristics.

A Legacy is Born

After the diamond is certified, it’s properly categorized and added to one of our unique Premier Gem Diamond Jewelry Collections, where it lies in waiting for its future owner to admire and cherish for generations to come.

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