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Premier Gem Corporation
Our Private Label program – made up of Premier Gem Collection diamonds –allows retailers to brand our Hearts and Arrows, Triple Excellent diamonds as their own.

The program is designed to give retailers maximum flexibility to create the messages they want. Included in the program are ready-made marketing materials – postcards, POP displays, web pages, print ads – that can be easily customized. Laser inscription also allows each and every diamond to be marked with the retailer’s brand, as well as a unique identification number.

Private Label Program

The B2B Brand of Choice.

Since 2001, the Premier Gem Collection has offered retailers a point of differentiation through the confidence in the quality of the diamonds being purchased.

Long before it was “fashionable” to do so, we created a unique Business to Business brand that guaranteed every diamond is:

1) D to K in color;
2) Conflict-free;
3) Not treated;
4) Not enhanced;
5) GIA certified;
6) Available in all classic diamond shapes;
7) Available in special cuts to order.

Our Premier Gem Collection customers represent a veritable “who’s who” of America’s best jewelers, supplying consumers with the loose diamonds and finished jewelry that meets every need. Our retail customers and their clientele have come to rely on the top-quality diamonds and finished pieces that make up the Premier Gem Collection.

The Premier Gem Collection – More than just Diamonds.

Almost 200 retailers turn to the Premier Gem Collection because when they partner with us, they receive much more than consistently beautiful diamonds.

Dedicated Account Manager – Every Premier Gem Collection retailer benefits from a dedicated account manager, responsible for seeing to all of their needs.

Sales Training – Our talented and experienced sales professionals often travel to customers, reviewing with them and their sales teams the unique selling points and advantages offered by the Premier Gem Collection.

Educational Materials – Our internal communications team regularly develops and seeks out new educational materials for both customer (retail sales professional) and consumer. This provides an added benefit of directly educating the end consumer.

Marketing Materials and Support – We frequently provide our customers with the marketing materials they need to succeed. Website content, direct mail materials, email templates and signage/displays make up key components of our retailer support, all designed to drive traffic. Additionally, our in-house photography department is able to quickly turn around compelling new images useful in any delivery method.

Shelf Stock is also held for Premier Gem Collection retailers particularly ahead of main selling seasons. Forward planning and strategic planning with our customers ensures they remain competitive in their markets.

Stock Balancing – As their key partner, we help customers revalue stock and give them the best advice to ensure they have a current stock rather than diamonds that won’t sell, given the current market conditions.

Why choose the Premier Gem Collection?

Retailers benefit from the Premier Gem Collection because of several key factors that give them unparalleled confidence the diamonds they sell:

Confidence – Retailers know they can trust with absolute certainty the provenance of every diamond we sell. Since 2001, we have been educating our retail customers about the heritage, workmanship and provenance of our diamonds. None are treated or color enhanced.

Quality – Our retailers have come to expect the quality of product that is synonymous with the Premier Gem Collection. With manufacturing facilities second-to-none, we are appreciated for the workmanship that is behind every beautiful diamond we finish.

Reliability – Retailers who carry the Premier Gem Collection know they will always get the diamonds they need when they need them. This trust is borne of the fact that we have always delivered what we promise and never take the liberty of “substituting” lesser quality diamonds. Because of this integrity and consistency, our retailers are confident in carrying the Premier Gem Collection.

Service – Acquiring Premier Gem Collection diamonds means a retailer is also securing a dedicated account manager who delves into their diamond business. The result for the retailer is a business partner who knows their diamond needs as well as they do. This dedication to highly personalized service also includes sales training, as necessary; a quarterly educational newsletter; and marketing materials and assistance.

The Premier Gem Collection:

Strength of financial capability.
Confidence of product.
Quality in manufacturing.
Reliability of inventory.
Service of dedicated account teams.
Consistency of diamonds delivered.

Premier Gem Collection

Since Premier Gem opened its doors more than 50 years ago, the diamond industry has changed, but our goal has remained the same:
To do everything we can to help retail jewelers grow their diamond business.

Retailers of every size consistently turn to us because of our strong track record and our strict adherence to our four basic values:
* Integrity
* Quality
* Service
* Innovation
Integrity: We keep our word to help you keep yours. Established in 1956, Premier Gem Corporation has always remained true to its principles of delivering what is promised.

With Premier Gem as a supplier, retailers large and small can be confident in the quality and consistency of the diamonds they purchase.

No middleman means more competitive pricing. Premier Gem has been a Diamond Trading Company Sightholder since 1967, buying rough directly from DTC, performing all cutting and polishing in its own factories.

Quality: Premier Gem's master cutters operate on one principle: to maximize the beauty of every diamond. It is this philosophy that has allowed the company to finish many large and important stones. From single-carat stones to the 407.48 carat "Incomparable," the company's commitment to excellence, attention to detail and pride of craftsmanship have never wavered.

Whether we are cutting the "Incomparable or the Everyday," our motto is still the same: Make every diamond as beautiful as it can be.

Premier Gem places an emphasis on GIA certification.

Service: Premier Gem anticipates retailers' needs. Customers have come to depend on the company's extensive inventory, accuracy of grading, and prompt, overnight delivery.

An extensive online inventory, including top-quality digital images, allows retailers to instantly see what's available to them. Certificates are available by fax or email.

Innovation: Consumers today are better educated and more knowledgeable about diamonds than ever before. Not only do retailers have to offer the right product at a fair price, they must have access to all the marketing, research and technological resources, just to keep up.

Premier Gem has those resources and provides its retailers with the tools they need. As a Diamond Trading Company Sightholder, the company leverages global marketing tools and research on markets and industry trends. Turn-key programs, such as the flagship Premier Gem Collection™, allow retailers to competitively offer their customers top-quality, branded items.

To learn more about how we can help grow your diamond business, call 1-800-526-0606

Company Profile

"Integrity. Quality. Service. Innovation. If these values matter to you, we have something in common." - Marvin Samuels, CEO, Premier Gem Corporation.

Diamond Trading Company Sightholders since 1967.

We specialize in finely made, loose and mounted, certified diamonds from .50 to 50 carats in all shapes.

We place an emphasis on helping retailers build their diamond business, with services and programs such as:

* Online inventory, including photos and certs.
* Private Label Program
* Premier Gem Collection

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